5 Ways to sustain a gorgeous home

It's easier than you think

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — You don’t need a HGTV introductory course or an interior decorator to make your home beautiful every day. It’s really simple to sustain a gorgeous home. Here are five tips to make it possible.

Keep fresh flowers

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can brighten up a room and add a touch of natural decor. A fresh bunch every week is worth the $10 or so to be surrounded by nature and make your home feel and look beautiful.

Spruce up your walls with artwork


Almost every home has boring white walls. Make those walls more interesting to look at by purchasing wall art or prints to give it a personality. You can find wall decor at art galleries and on artists’ websites. You can even find cute pieces at dollar stores.

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Add candles to particular places in your house 


Candles add ambient light and if they’re scented, they also add a lovely fragrance.

Fluff your couch pillows

Couch Pillows

Don’t leave flatten pillows just sitting on your couch, make them come alive again with a  good fluff. It’ll make your couch more inviting.

Clean your blinds and windows

Windows in a living room

Blinds collect dust and that dust is easily visible. Cleaning your windows will allow more sunlight into your home when you open the curtains or blinds. Make sure to clean both regularly.


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