Shopping for a mortgage? Why you should keep it local

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – The housing market in West Michigan offers great opportunities to make your next move, whether it’s buying your first home, upgrading, or changing housing styles.  Lots of people are considering their options when it comes to housing…either moving to a new house or looking at refinancing for a better cash position and home improvements.  Either way, it’s important to use a local lender.

Stay Local.   It only makes sense to work with your local financial institution that you trust.  While there are many internet mortgage lenders, keep in mind that your home is one of the biggest investments you will make and it needs to work financially in your favor. Your local mortgage lender provides you with personal service, local market expertise, and most of all, is safe and secure.  Your mortgage remains local and not somewhere on the internet. This is very important when you want to make changes, sell your home, or consider leveraging the equity you may have.

Works for You.  It’s key to make sure you get the mortgage that is right for you.  By using a local mortgage lender, they can provide you with quality financial advice.  They will help you determine which mortgage is best for you and for your individual situation. It’s always a good practice to use local professionals – they know the market.

Preapproval and House Shopping.  Preapproval letters confirm that a mortgage lender has verified that you’re approved for a mortgage of a certain amount over a fixed timeframe.  A preapproval eliminates the uncertainty in the home-buying process to help you concentrate on finding your dream home. With a preapproval, you will know what you qualify for, how much of a home you can buy and how that fits into your budget. It will put your mind at ease while you search for your new home, give you a competitive edge, and make the entire experience much less worrisome.

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