Road to Gazelle Girl: Jennifer’s journey leads to friendship and inspiration

jennifer gazelle girl

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) — Jennifer Sklener is on the road to run the Gazelle Girl half marathon. After being awarded the Sole Sisters scholarship, which helps with training and support, Jennifer has been training with her daughter, Anna, to reach the finish line! We will be following all the ups and downs of her training through her blog posts. Check out how her training went this week:

April 2, 2016

Our second 12 mile is in the books. The family and I celebrated by making a batch of peanut butter chocolate chips. We start tapering tomorrow.
Tapering involves resting the mind and the body. Our runs are shorter and our minds are free to envision something other than the getting through the next long run.

I am so very grateful for the Sole Sister’s scholarship opportunity.  The group’s mission is to empower women through movement. I applied for the scholarship for my daughter and myself. I didn’t know what a gift this scholarship would become.  A gift of friendship. I home school our three children and work from home. I have very little contact with other women on a weekly basis. Since the second weekend in January, I’ve been forming friendship with women I never would have had an opportunity to meet.

jennifer sole sister

A gift of encouraging words from someone who believes I am capable of being physically strong. We encourage each other, share struggles, and laugh together. I love to see my “sisters” overcome their doubts and reach their weekly mileage. Donna unveiled our training plan the second weekend of January and told us not to focus on the mileage during the meeting. I could run three miles at this point. The first time we were going to run five miles, I made myself run it during the week. I wanted to prove to myself that I could run five miles. Donna said you can do it. She never lost faith in my ability to run. No one told me I couldn’t do it or that I was too slow.

A gift of time. This world is so fast paced. But for two hours every Saturday, I knew that someone was there by my side. We often ask during a run, so how was your week? Any plans this weekend? How is the family? If someone needed a running partner during the week, you could often find one. I’d highly recommend anyone looking to get more active and healthy, to find a running group. You will be amazed at the changes you see as you encourage one another.
jennifer sole sisters pic


Gazelle Girl Half Marathon & 5k
Sunday, April 17
Register now through Feb. 28 – $25
Feb. 29-April 15 – $30
Register at Expotique, April 16 – $35

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