Students shed spotlight on anxiety

Girls with cell phone

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) According to a recent national survey, more than 30% of American teens report feeling overwhelmed by stress, depressed, or sad.

Two Rockford High School students are speaking candidly about their struggles with stress and depression. Annika and Jared held a school assembly to encourage their classmates to take control of their mental health. Both struggled with anxiety and depression that became so severe, it made it impossible for them to go on with their daily lives.

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Jason Lheureux from Wedgwood Christian Services says many kids are dealing with more stress than adults are. And they don’t always get the environment to deal with issues because there are so many demands placed on them.

Lheureux says parents need to be available, accessible, and understanding. He says if parents notice their child activing differently, it’s time to have a conversation. For more resources, visit the Wedgwood Christian Services website.

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