Beyond ArtPrize: Get a taste of GR’s local artistic side

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — Art lovers are attracted to Grand Rapids for a reason.  There is a plethora of art displays and galleries throughout the city.  Local artists show off their work not only through art museums and galleries, but also through local coffee shops.  Check out these local coffee shops and the artwork within them.

Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge

Lantern Coffee Bar 5 Lantern Coffee Bar 2 Lantern Coffee Bar 1 Lantern Coffee Bar 4 Lantern Coffee Bar Lantern Coffee Bar 3

This collection is called ‘Rana Plaza” by Alyssa Roach.  These pieces are ink and embroidery on fabric.  Alyssa is a 2015 graduate from GrandValley State University.  She has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art.  She is exploring image transfers, monotype, relief techniques, and collograph.

Go Java Coffee

Go Java 4 Go Java 2 Go Java 1 Go Java 3 Go Java

These paintings were crafted by Karen Hart-Long, a retired art teacher at LaPorte High School who is now pursing her own artistic endeavors.

The Sparrows

 The Sparrows  The Sparrows 3  The Sparrows 5 The Sparrows 2 The Sparrows 1 The Sparrows 4

These pieces are by Amanda Zylstra who is a recent graduate from Kendall College of Art & Design.  Her prints are available for purchase at

Palatte Coffee & Art

Palatte 5 Palatte 3  Palatte 4 Palatte  Palatte 1 Palatte 6

These pieces are acrylic/mixed media.  The majority of these paintings were done by Federico Farias.  His wife, Maria, and daughter, Michi also have abstract paintings featured there.   Federico mainly uses acrylic, but also uses watercolor, markers, pencil, and airbrush.

Lightfast Coffee Bar + Art Collection

Lightfast 4 Lightfast

Lightfast 1 Lightfast 2Lightfast 6 Lightfast 3

This collection is called Hiraeth by Elizabeth DeForest.  This collection focuses on personal objects that have sentimental momento to a person or event.

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