How to chop an onion without shedding a tear

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — Don’t ever shed another tear when it comes to chopping an onion. WOTV 4 Women’s Healthy Eats expert Margaux Drake shows you a quick and easy way to slice and dice an onion in no time!

Step by step guide: dice an onion

Step 1:

Cut the stem end off first, but leave the root side in tact, that keeps the onion together while slicing and dicing.

Step 2:

Make a shallow vertical cut down the side to get to the peel easily.

Step 3:

Peel the onion to remove any dried outer layers.

Step 4:

Cut the onion lengthwise through the stem and the root, leaving two halves.

Step 5:

Place one of the halves cut side down on a cutting board with the root end pointing left.

Step 6:

Make 2 to 3 horizontal slices, parallel with the cutting board, from the stem end almost to the root end but not cutting through it.

Step 7:

Then turn the root end away from you, take your knife and cut with the ribs of the onion, again not cutting trough the root.

Step 8:

Turn the root end to the left again, and keeping your fingertips tucked back safely use your knuckles as your guide, make your final cuts through the onion.

Step 9:

*When you get close to the root, place the onion flat and finish your dicing leaving just the tiny square piece with the root to toss in the compost.

*Perfectly diced onion, FAST and SAFE…every time.

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