Working in your encore years? Tips to stay competitive in the job search

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Nearly 65% of Americans plan to work beyond the traditional retirement years. Baby boomers want to stay relevant in the workforce and continue to earn money. But how does an older worker stay competitive in the job search?

The greatest asset older workers bring is experience — their workplace wisdom. They’ve learned how to get along with people, solve problems without drama and call for help when necessary. Older workers tend to be motivated by causes like community, mission and a chance to make the world a better place while younger workers are more driven by factors that directly benefit themselves, such as money and promotions.

Older workers also score high in leadership, detail-oriented tasks, organization, listening, writing skills and problem solving — even in cutting-edge fields like computer science. Not only do older workers enhance a work environment, they have many positive traits to be an asset to the success of a company.

Check out AARP’s website more tips and advice about working in your encore years. 

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