The truth about texting

Teen texting in bed

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Wherever you go, people young and old are on their phones. It’s important to know whether they’re doing more harm than good.

Maranda spoke with two juniors from Jenison High School, part of the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District. They say they always have their phones on them to stay in touch with family and friends and for the safety and comfort of being available.

Math teacher Kristin Terrigno puts that to good use in the classroom. She uses cell phones in the classroom as part of students’ education. She says there are apps for assessments, to alert students for tests and homework, and she uses cell phones to stay in touch with students. Technology helps extend learning outside the classroom so education doesn’t end when the bell rings.

Dr. John Schuen, Pediatric Pulmonologist with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, says electronics and texting can be disruptive. He says the light from a cell phone, tablet, or laptop at night can promote alertness, resulting in decreased sleep, increased fatigue, and poor performance in school.

Humans’ internal sleep clock is guided by light. Bright lights are fine during the daytime, but at night, bright lights will reset the sleep clock. More subdued lighting in the evening is best. Avoid bright lights or video games for one to two hours before bed.

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