Road to Gazelle Girl: Erin’s 10 miles

GRAND RAPID, Mich (WOTV) – We have been following Erin Bowerman’s journey to the Gazelle Girl half marathon with Sole Sisters. This week, Erin took on something she never had before, 10 miles! Check out her latest blog entry:


Wednesday, March 09, 2016

This week I switched up my miles. It was scheduled for 3 miles on Tuesday and 5 for Thursday. I had some free time Tuesday afternoon, and it was a beautiful 70 degrees. I put on some shorts and a tank top, laced up my running shoes and went out the door. It felt wonderful! This was one of my most enjoyable runs, and I try not to keep track to much of time, but it was also one of my fastest. I was able to do a lot of thinking and when I was done with the 5 miles I was sweaty but felt great! And that feeling crossed over into today. I had a great day today too because of it.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

10 Miles!!! I did it!! I ran 10 miles! This is something that I doubted that I could accomplish, but it did it!

It was a beautiful day for a run. The first few miles went by pretty quickly. Mary, one of the Sole Sisters, set up an aid station along the path filled with water, Gatorade, pretzels and salt packets for any of us that would need anything. As I went past it the first time I was too excited to stop and determined to get these 10 miles behind me. On the way back I stopped for some pretzels and then kept on trucking.

Erin Bowerman road to gazelle girl

Things started to slow down at about mile 7. At mile 8 I dropped my water bottle and stopped to pick it up. As I leaned over my back and legs locked up. I was convinced that this was it for me. However, my car was still 2 miles out, so I had to get there somehow. After a few tears were shed, I looked again at Facebook to all of the words of encouragement and as I walked slowly, my body started to loosen up again. I took a deep breath and started off again.

With a little less than a mile left Donna, the Sole Sister leader came up to me on her bike. She asked me how I was doing. At that point I was much better than I had been a mile back. She biked with me to the end and helped occupy my mind with talking about different things going on which helped me to press forward. As we rounded the last corner there were several Sole Sisters (and Troy, a husband of Jenn, a Sole Sister) there waiting for me and screaming my name. It felt amazing. I am sure that if I would have done this one on my own, there is NO WAY I would have made it to the end. I would have given up.

Thank you friends, family and Sole Sisters for helping me in this journey! I would not be doing this without you!

This week 12 miles…




Gazelle Girl Half Marathon & 5k
Sunday, April 17
Register now through Feb. 28 – $25
Feb. 29-April 15 – $30
Register at Expotique, April 16 – $35


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