Tips to de-stress your money and life

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – In today’s fast paced, time crunched world, it’s a good idea to assess how you can declutter and simplify your finances.  There are a number of easy ways to help you save money and time, and who couldn’t use more time.  Consider these tips:

  • Eliminate Financial Clutter. Take time to assess all your financial accounts and debt. Consider consolidating your accounts and loans to eliminate duplication while saving money.


  • Set Up Automatic Bill Payments. Lives are very busy and many of us are trying to squeeze in some extra time. Arrange for your bills to be paid electronically through your online Bill Pay service. In most cases, your Bill Pay service is free which means you can eliminate the cost of postage while insuring your payments are on time with no late fees.


  • Alerts and Mobile Banking. Keep your budget on track this fall with tools like Alerts to remind you about bills that are due, account balances, and more. With mobile banking, you can easily do your banking on the go, wherever you are.


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