The Lazy woman’s guide to cleaning your home

4 Simple tricks for a clean space all year-round

(WOTV) — It’s been three weeks and now the cleaning you should have been doing and could have been doing will take you nearly double that to actually complete. Okay, six weeks may be an exaggeration, but letting things pile up because “you don’t feel like cleaning” isn’t going to help your cause. It’s 2016! It’s time to become the “Wonder Woman of Cleaning” and show everyone you can be immaculate.

However, you may just want to be the sidekick, which in that case these four tips will help you keep your apartment clean-ish all year long.

Woman loading the dishwasher a lazy woman guide to cleaning tip

1. Pick up immediately after yourself

You can save yourself a lot of time if you clean immediately after finishing a task. Let’s look at a few examples: when you come home from work, don’t dump your clothes on a chair put them in the dresser, hang them in the closet or throw them in the dirty clothes hamper. Just got done cooking dinner, wash the dishes that night or load them in the dishwasher. Check the refrigerator weekly for food that has expired and throw it out. By constantly picking up, it’ll make cleaning that much easier.

2. Create a cleaning schedule and don’t let things pile up.

Your cleaning schedule can be whatever you want it to be, however, I like choosing one room a week to focus on since I can only get most of my cleaning done on the weekends. One week I focus on the bathroom, the next week I focus on the living room and so on and so forth. You will have to adjust this based on the size of your home and you may need to focus on cleaning two or three days a week but regularly cleaning each week will prevent a massive pileup of dust, dirt, clutter and germs.

The Lazy Woman's Guide to cleaning your apartment

3. Use simple techniques to give your home the appearance of being clean for unexpected guests.

Even if you can’t clean regularly, stack papers and items neatly on a table, use an air freshener plug-in and throw out the trash daily. These three items, at least, will prevent your home from stinking and prevent you from looking like a hoarder.

4. Double-duty

There are some things you can integrate into normal everyday routines:

  • Spray your shower tiles with a spray and walk away cleaner after every shower.
  • Utilize the steam in the bathroom. Grab a paper towel and do a quick wipe down with the steam that’s on the bathroom mirror.
  • While removing lint from your clothes, get rid of pet hair on your couches and chairs in your apartment too. (Use a separate lint roller for pet hair and clothes)

Cleaning isn’t fun, we all know this, but it’s a necessity. Frequent care will prevent your chores from being overwhelming and utterly exhausting.

Happy cleaning! 



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