How to take the perfect selfie

How to take the perfect selfie


(WOTV) — There are two factors that make a good selfie: a good pose and a camera app. When you’ve perfected the pose, the camera app is just the icing on the cake. These 11 tips will help you gain followers, get comments and capture amazing selfies each time you pick up your cell phone.

Tip #1: Change up your look
Show the fun side of your personality with a frown, stick your tongue out, smirk or anything else you can think of. Just please avoid the duck lips!


Tip #2: Don’t forget the rule of thirds!
Keep in mind the rule of thirds! The rule of thirds means placing your face in the top-right or top-left corner of a photo instead of directly in the center. Your eyes should be down one-third from the top of the frame. The reasoning behind the rule of thirds is that it balances a picture and since studies have shown that people’s eyes tend to drift to one side of a picture than to the center, it’s better to put your face where you’ll get all the attention. 

Rule of Thirds

Tip #3: Use good lighting
It’s important when taking a photo to find the right lighting. You want an area that isn’t too dark, otherwise, you’ll barely be visible. Pose inside near a window or use natural light. Natural light always looks great, so if you can, find a nice spot outside to snap a photo.


Tip #4: Change your angle
A lot of us have a “good side.” Angle yourself to the right and then to the left and view yourself through your camera phone. Then determine which side reveals the look you like. 


Tip #5: Use the front camera
In the old days when cameras had one camera that pointed backward, selfies were almost impossible! You were pressing the camera button, hoping the photo turned out correctly. But, alas, those days are over! Use the front camera to snap a great picture.


Tip #6 Use both arms
A lot of times selfies are taken with one hand, instead of two. The benefits of using two hands for your selfie is that your arms can serve as a frame and steady the camera better than one arm can. 


Tip#7: Get a tighter shot
Selfies can sometimes have a distracting background, why not crop the photo for a tighter shot. Hold the camera out away from your face and snap the photo. Avoid using the zoom as it causes the photo to lose detail. 


Tip #8 Add a Hollywood vibe
Want to do a dramatic look, add a fan in the background to blow your hair away and try a little make up for a glamorous feel. Avoid your face shining like a new penny by using an alcohol-based toner. 


Tip #9: Change up your filters
On Instagram, there are a lot of filters to choose from. Get an old school look with a black and white filter or a dreamy feel with Earlybird. 


Tip #10: Use a selfie stick
Want to take a selfie with something that’s hard to capture in the background. A selfie stick can make it happen. There are tons of options available. Try ShutterStick Selfie Stick ($19.99 Target) or Kiwii Selfie Stick with built-in Remote Shutter with Adjustable Phone Holder ($7.97 Amazon). 

How to take the perfect selfie

Tip #11: Edit your photo
There are a ton of photo editing apps available on Android and iPhone to add the final finishing touches to your “perfect selfie” Try Photo Wonder for the iPhone or Bonfire Photo Editor for Android.

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