Couch potato to 5K: week 9

The end of the beginning

Long road
It's a long, long road.

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) There wasn’t supposed to be a week nine, but that’s okay. I started this journey about three months ago – an effort to get off the couch and into a more active lifestyle. I feel like I have accomplished that, but I do still have further to go.

My Couch to 5K program is eight weeks long. I completed seven of them, but this is where it likely ends. A recent medical emergency in my family has temporarily sidelined my progress and showed me that I need to take the focus off myself for a little while.

Feet at start lineSo where do I go from here? I am going to keep exercising, but as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really enjoy running. I have exercise videos that I love and find entertaining, so I will keep doing those. I am looking forward to running outside, which will better prepare me for the Gazelle Girl 5K.

The what? Yeah! You better believe I’m still going to be at that start line on April 17! That was the goal this entire time. I have a great supportive team and I am really looking forward to crossing the finish line.

Wish me luck!

And call your mother.

Elissa is the Special Projects and Web Coordinator for Maranda Where You Live and eightWest. She lives in West Michigan with her husband and two children, ages two and four.

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