Road to Gazelle Girl: Erin’s weekly check-in

Running legs

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Erin Bowerman was awarded the Sole Sisters scholarship and started training in December for the Gazelle Girl half marathon. Sole Sisters are a group of women runners and friends seeking to enrich the lives of women in transition through running and being active! Erin has been blogging her journey, here’s how last week went:

“Those moments of passing them were so encouraging and helped me keep pushing forward.”

February 23rd

Another 4 mile day… I did not feel like doing this one at all. I kept coming up with excuse after excuse. I really wanted to go outside, but then where would the kids go? But do I really want to run laps around the YMCA? Nope, not really. I contemplated this for quite a while. I finally decided that I would take the kids to the Y and send them to the KidZone while I did my laps. I put it on Facebook that I was going to go and do this. I am glad that I did. As I was running I received various words of encouragement. I especially appreciated the inbox messages from another SoleSister as I was going, her words were brief but kept me going at the right times. I wanted to give up and not finish quite a few times 28 laps seemed like a million, but thanks to the encouragement I made it through. Thank you Jenn!

February 24th

erin bowerman

SNOW DAY! My kids had a snow day, and so did I from work. With all of the snow on the ground it sounded like a good excuse. As I am typing this it seems like I am often trying to come up with excuses… but I do really enjoy running most days and I really like the way that I feel when I have completed what I set my mind on doing. My son was sick and my daughter was going stir crazy. While my parents hung out with my son, my daughter and I went to the Y. I was going to do my running there but as we got there swimming with her the entire time just sounded better. But when I got back to my parents’ house I decided I could still do my 4 miles. I bundled up in my running clothes and set out for a run. There were times where it felt like I was in track with jumping over snowbanks and puddles but finished the cold 4 miles and felt so much better after I finished it.

February 27th

erin bowerman

8 mile day… So, I had done 8 miles a few weeks ago, but for some reason this time seemed a bit overwhelming. I was dressed and ready to go with my water and my nutrition for the run but feeling quite drained. This was our group run and I think that really helped. The person who mapped out the course did a great job and made it so that even though I am much slower than the rest I would encounter everyone a few times. Those moments of passing them as they were going the opposite direction were so encouraging and helped me keep pushing forward. I took the time to notice some things around me as I was running, the most stunning was the beautiful sun shining over Reeds Lake. There was some snowing and icy spots but overall it was a pretty smooth trail, and my fastest mile was uphill because I was encountering my other Solesisters in this stretch. At about 6.5 miles I was about ready to just start walking but as I rounded a corner the group leader, Donna, appeared. It was wonderful and helped push me to the end of the 8 miles. Thank you Donna! That meant so much to me and helped me so much! I can do this thanks to everyone that is encouraging me through all these different stages. Thank you!


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