You are what you eat: Why you should ditch processed foods

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) — “You are what you eat”. Just as the house you live in is defined by the materials used to build it, so is your body. So to create your ultimate home for your Self, eat right and eat well. This means avoiding processed foods, fast foods and frozen microwavable foods.  If this sounds like a daunting task for you perhaps start by lessening the quantities of these types of foods that you consume.

Cook using real ingredients coming from whole foods – Whole foods not only taste better but will also satisfy your body in a way that processed foods cannot.  This will give your body a full sensation sooner and help you to eat less. Keep your pantry stocked with whole foods and spices to make food preparation easy – Rice, Dried beans, whole grain pastas are all great to have on hand always.  Keep your spice rack full and fresh, throw out any you have had for too long. Make a menu plan if not for the week just for the next few days – When you head to the store do it with a plan of what you might be cooking that week.  Cooking with fresh foods often has me stopping by the store more often but I go with specific ingredients in mind and don’t walk the entire store. Try new things – Don’t be afraid to try new foods.  Just because you might have tried something before and not enjoyed it try preparing it another way.  I used to hate lima beans and then I had some in my farm share and made a great vegetarian succotash with them and now they are one of my faves.

So don’t be fast, don’t be cheap and do be real.  Your body will thank you.



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