Road to Gazelle Girl: Jennifer’s update

Jenn Gazelle Girl

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) — Jennifer Sklener is on the road to run the Gazelle Girl half marathon. After being awarded the Sole Sisters scholarship, which helps with training and support, Jennifer has been training with her daughter, Anna, to reach the finish line! We will be following all the ups and downs of her training through her blog posts. Check out how her early week run went this week:

Tuesday, February 23rd

Jenn sklener

Today’s run was hard. As a mother you want to encourage your child to excel and be strong. Anna had a two mile run scheduled. It is not the first time she has had a two mile run. At the half mile, she stopped, crying and holding her side. I told her to keep moving and that it would pass. I then encouraged her to run to the tree and walk to the next tree. Repeat. But she didn’t. She kept running. She ran the rest of the mile and turned around. She wasn’t thrilled about the hill she had to run up to get back home, but she did it. Her grin was enormous when we arrived home.

Anna, smiling from ear to ear!
Anna, smiling from ear to ear!


We had a talk about the first mile when she was done with her run. Running is an argument between your head and body. The first mile is the hardest at times. Which one is going to win? Anna won today and is another run closer to the 5K in April.

I chose running to become a stronger mentally. When I start doubting my ability to do this race, I remind myself that I’ve giving up doubting for lent. I’m hoping that my daughter will also become tougher mentally. We all need to be strong to get through the ups and downs life throws at you.

Gazelle Girl Half Marathon & 5k
Sunday, April 17
Register now through Feb. 28 – $25
Feb. 29-April 15 – $30
Register at Expotique, April 16 – $35

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