Wedding budget: 12 splurge vs. save wedding ideas

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — You’ve always dreamed of planning your wedding!  Heck you started your “dream wedding” Pinterest board before you even met your dream man.  We get it!  No matter what your budget you can still pull off a stylish, romantic and unforgettable wedding by making some smart and savvy decisions.  We’ve complied the ultimate wedding ‘Save or Splurge’ guide for the blushing bride-to-be.

Ultimate Wedding Save or Splurge Guide

1. The Dress

wedding dress


 It’s your moment to look and feel your best.  Choose the dress that makes you feel like a beautiful princess, a gorgeous goddess or a chic classic bride. Choose something to fit your personality and that fits the theme of your wedding.

2. Veil and Shoes

wedding veil and shoes


If you splurge on your wedding dress, you can save on the accessories.  Skip the veil or save by choosing a simple design with less pricey embellishments like pearls and beading.  How many times do you remember the bride’s shoes?  Sure, you want to be comfy, but you don’t need to drop $200 on a pair of shoes you might not even wear again.

3. Dress Alterations

wedding alterations


Make sure your dress is made for your body.  Invest in alterations and you’ll thank yourself later. If the bodice fits you perfectly, you will feel and look beautiful.

4. Hair and Makeup

wedding makeup


You don’t want to look like a completely different person on your wedding day, so doing your makeup yourself, or having a beauty savvy friend do it for you, will save you a ton.  Also, most of us know someone who loves doing hair and is good at it.  Of course you want to look gorgeous on your wedding day, so have them do a ‘practice’ session before your big day.

5. Flowers

wedding bouquet


When it comes to your wedding bouquet, spending a few extra pretty pennies on the flowers you love, will be worth it.  If you are still worried about the cost, have your bridesmaids carry a simpler bouquet of seasonal blooms instead.

6. Centerpieces

wedding centerpiece


With all the DIY projects out there, centerpieces are an easy way to save some money.  Finding simple but classic vases will keep it looking elegant.  Using artificial or seasonal flowers for the centerpieces is an option for cutting down on the cost.  Finding creative DIY centerpiece projects on Pinterest will give you some classy but low cost ideas.

7. Photographer

wedding photographer


The photographer is very important because these are the pictures that you will cherish for years to come.  Sure, you may have a friend or family member with a nice camera, but having a professional photographer will capture the intimate moments that you will want to remember.  If the photos are really important make sure your photographer has an assistant booked.

8. Cake

wedding cake


Cakes can be expensive, but this can be an easy way to save.  Instead of getting a six-tiered cake, have a much smaller one which will be perfect for the cutting of the cake tradition.  Having other alternatives such as a sheet cake, cupcakes, or other pastries will cut down on costs and still be delicious and unique.

9. Music

wedding DJ


The music will set the mood for your whole reception.  Whether it’s a DJ or live band, this will be a make it or break it so don’t go cheap.  Whoever is in charge of the music will be the one in charge of getting people on the dance floor and keeping them there.

10. Paper Products

wedding invitation


You can spend less on save the dates or wedding invites if you have them email you the RSVP instead of paying for postage to send them back.  Making your own programs with an online template is a great idea.  Also, don’t print the same number of programs as the number of people who are coming.  Many people, especially couples, will share the program, and some people don’t even pick them up.  Other than the ones you keep, most of them will end up in the trash at the end of the night anyways.

11. Entree

wedding buffet


You want your guests to be happy, so feed them well!  You might have a friend or relative who knows how to cook, but you are better off getting it catered.  If you are worried about spending too much on food, don’t have a menu. Many weddings are buffet styled, and your guests will enjoy this just as much.

12. Honeymoon



Go all out on your honeymoon!  This is your first vacation as a married couple, and it’s the only thing that is totally for yourselves, where you don’t have to worry about pleasing any guests.  Relax, enjoy, and make a good start to your new life as a married couple.

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