Boy with autism gives back to his community


IONIA, Mich. (WOTV)-Meet Braxton Montgomery, a student at Jefferson Elementary School. Montgomery completely shatters the myth that individuals with autism lack empathy for others. The young student heard about the I’m Kids 3rd Meal Program, which supplies food to children who are food insecure. Montgomery immediately wanted to help. He asked his mom if he could use his birthday money to purchase food to help children who are less fortunate. His mom was happy to help. Together, they purchased four bags of groceries to donate to the I’m Kids 3rd Meal.  This compassionate student exemplifies why people should never judge a book by its cover. We applaud you and your efforts, Braxton!

Here’s how you can help!

IM Kids Feeding Program is is committed to providing sack suppers to children in need which have approximately 1000 calories across all major food groups, ready to consume five nights a week. With the partnership of Feeding America West Michigan, I’M Kids Feeding Program is able to purchase bulk food quantities for cents on the pound.

The mission is to provide 500 meals per day for children in Montcalm and Ionia counties. Here’s a list of items that I’M Kids Feeding Program is in need of. To donate these items, email or call 616-527-4900.

Food Wish List Items:

100% Fruit Juice Boxes

Peanut Butter

Fruit Cups

Individual Cereal Packs


Cracker Packs

Zipper-lock bags

Paper Lunch Sacks

I’M Kids Feeding Program is also seeking groups of 5-10 people who can volunteer one day a month. For more information on how you can help call 616-527-4900.


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