5 Romantic dinners you can make at home

Italian seafood pasta from Cooking with Curls

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) — Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, plan something special this year with a home cooked meal. While the weather is getting frigid, you and your special someone can stay warm and cozy at home. Be adventurous and try a decadent meal:


Italian seafood pasta from Cooking with Curls

Pasta says “I love you” in any language. Try this seafood pasta with the rich seafood flavor and a bite of Pinot Grigio wine. So tasty and garlicky, your taste buds will love it.

lobster risotto

Lobster Risotto with herb-crusted beef tenderloin

This meal oozes richness. Between the buttery lobster risotto and the tender beef with the great herb taste, you will knock the socks off your loved one.


Mussels with apple and bacon

Try something new and fun with mussels. They are in season, which means low prices and high flavor, so go for it! They are super easy to make and it’s fun to share a big bowl of them with a couple glasses of wine.

chx picata


Chicken Piccata from Cooking on the Back Burner

Can’t beat a classic! This dish is perfect for beginning cooks, it’s easy, looks fancy, and tastes amazing.

asian shrimp

Copycat Bonefish Grill Pan Asian Glazed Shrimp

Kick up your flavor profile with Asian inspired shrimp! The shrimp, rice, and veggies are so bright and the Asian inspired taste brings the whole dish together.

Don’t forget dessert…..

lava cake

Chocolate molten lava cake

No description needed. It’s chocolate, it’s hot, it’s gooey, and you definitely want it for dessert!


Red velvet cheesecake brownies

All your favorite desserts in one. These brownies are moist, creamy, and SO good.


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