Layer up: how to dress your kids for cold weather

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)-  When the snow strikes it’s important to keep your kiddos protected from the cold.  Layering can get tricky so here’s a few hints on how to keep them safe and warm before they head out to play.

Layering kids for the cold

1. Start with a wicking shirt.  The wicking fabric will pull moisture away from the skin and still be lightweight.  Skip the cotton because it will soak up your sweat.

kids wicking shirt

2. Next add another layer for insulation like a long sleeve top or a pair of warm leggings.

Set of sweatpants. Isolated on white background

3. Add a waterproof insulated jacket.

kid playing in snow

4. Don’t forget waterproof gloves and look for some that have a strap around the wrist to keep the snow from sneaking in and warm waterproof boots.

boy with winter gloves

5. Find a facemask.  It will protect your child’s neck, chin and keep their head warm

ski mask

6. Finish off with a good fitting hat.

kids making snow angels

7.Don’t forgot to dab a little sunscreen on their face to protect them from UV rays.



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