10 resolutions every mom should make for 2016

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- If you’ve got big plans for 2016 don’t let the momentum stop!  Keeping on track with your New Year’s resolutions can be hard especially if you’re a mom.  As moms we find that we often put ourselves last.

I often find myself eating dinner at 9pm at night after the kids are finally in bed.  I’ve got to make sure the bags are packed for the next day, the lunches are made, the dishes are done, the toys are picked up and the dogs are fed.  It’s a vicious cycle and you may find by the time you have time for you, you’re too exhausted to do anything but hit the couch to watch “The Bachelor”.  But stay strong and find time for you!

Here’s 10 Resolutions every mom should make and KEEP!

1. Start a workout plan

This is one of the hardest habits to create!  Find a plan that you love and stick with it.  Make time to get your body moving.  You’ll find you will be happier and have more energy once you get going.

Healthy young lady going yoga workout at home

2. Cook healthier for your family

Start cutting out the processed foods from everyone’s diet.  Add more fruits, veggies, whole grain and lean proteins to your meal plans.

Woman cooking vegetables

3. Plan some girl time

Schedule a girl’s night once a month.  Getting out and letting off some steam with the girl’s is a great way to be yourself and have fun.


4. indulge in a guilty pleasure

Every once in a while order the pizza you LOVE!  If your family hates the veggie pizza you crave order yourself a personal pizza and indulge.  You should get a slice of your favorite every once in a while!

Woman Eating Pizza at Sidewalk Cafe

5. Get more sleep

Chances are you’re staying up late to get your own things done and maybe even waking up with young kids during the night.  Try getting to bed a little earlier by easing into it.  Start your bedtime routine a half-hour earlier.  Sometimes an extra half-hour or hour of sleep can make a big difference!

Get plenty of sleep

6. Disconnect

Plan to disconnect.  When your family gets home for the day have everyone toss their phones in a basket and leave them there.  This will help you focus on what’s important and put down the screens.

working mom on phone

7. Plan some romance

Plan a date night.  It’s important for women to feel a sense of romance in their lives so make it a priority.

young loving couple having romantic dinner

8. Spend some quality play time with your kids

Put down the second screens and get down on the floor or outside to play with your kids.  Don’t just watch them get involved!

Kids playing in winter

9. Read a book

Reading a book can transport you to another place and help you relax.

Woman reading in bed

10. Master the art of saying no

It’s ok to say no.  Saying no and creating priorities (including yourself) will help you long term find more time for you!

 Woman at work



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