Why you need to recondition the way you think about losing weight

Big Woman Working out

(WOTV) — Weight is an issue all women struggle with. I know for myself personally, it is a source of frustration quite often. Media, the people you live around, even the people you work with could potentially influence just how much you hate or love your body and set the standards for how you think your body should look.

Weight loss isn’t all about the aesthetics, it’s about being healthy. Being able to fit into a smaller size of jeans is the second benefit. To lose weight and keep it off, you have to rethink everything you currently think about weight loss.

Don’t just measure pounds
Woman measuring body fatScales that measure your weight are good, but your entire weight loss success is not just based on the number of pounds you lose. You’ll want to measure your body fat percentage and muscle mass.

For example, if you get on the scale and weigh the same but your muscle mass has increased two percent that’s a success. In order to think beyond pounds and get measurements for body fat and muscle mass, you need to choose the right scale. Some scales measure only pounds, some scales measure pounds, body fat, muscle, water weight and bone density. I use and like the Ozeri Touch scale. Ozeri Touch measures weight, fat, muscle, bone & hydration with auto recognition and infant tare technology up to 440 pounds. The best scale is the scale that doesn’t just measure weight, but all of the above.

Break weight loss down into manageable steps
Break your weight loss goals down into phases and feel good when you accomplish each phase. Breaking big goals down into smaller tasks are more likely to help you achieve them. For example, if your starting weight is 200 pounds and you want to get to 140 don’t think of the entire 60 pounds you have to lose you’ll get discouraged and may give up. Instead say I want to get to 190. Once you get to 190, and then say I want to get to 180 pounds and so on and so forth. Every time you get to a new phase you’ll feel awesome. Breaking down weight loss into these steps helped me lose more than 20 pounds.

Don’t deprive yourself of “bad foods”Woman eating a Cookie
Bad foods are not a complete no-no and don’t think of it as a cheat day. When people say cheat day it automatically makes me think of something bad, as if you did something wrong for eating two cookies. After all, we’re not supposed to cheat. Instead of calling it a “cheat day” call it a “reward day,” associate positive feelings with controlling your eating habits. That way the two cookies or bowl of ice cream you eat is a reward for sticking to a healthier diet throughout the week. Before I changed my way of thinking I felt horrible for eating certain foods.

Everything needs to change if you want to lose weight and keep it off
I’ve tried for years and years to lose weight, successfully dropping weight each time, only to gain it all back, if not more, a year later. Having gone through this up and down cycle over and over here are a few things I’ve learned in the process:

— Change how you think about eating and exercising, it’s a lifestyle, not a diet. When a diet ends you think you can go back to your old habits.
Eating healthy and exercising regularly is going to be a part of your everyday routine once you start your weight loss journey. Only by incorporating these two things daily will you be able to manage your weight for the rest of your life. If you can manage to go to work every day and keep appointments and lunch dates, then why not keep the most important appointment you’ll ever have with yourself? Make an appointment for 30-minutes to an hour of exercise a day. It’s important to think of your weight loss journey as a lifestyle because once you hit your goal, for example going from 180 to 130, as soon as you hit 130 pounds you’ll grab the ice cream, double bacon cheeseburgers and sodas again because you think you’re now done with anything to do with managing or losing weight.

— A setback is not the end of the world, but a challenge to step up your game (or it’s an illusionary setback and your period or bloating is to blame).
Weight fluctuations based on water retention, if you’re on your period, and other factors. For this reason, it’s very important to measure beyond pounds so you can still see progress without going crazy over the number on a scale. If your progress has halted, it means your body is getting stronger. Increase the intensity of your exercises so the body can’t adapt.

Woman exercising— Do this for you and your life, not for someone else or a special occasion because it won’t last.
I didn’t want to go to college fat, I wanted to get a boyfriend and I did that, but I never thought I just wanted to look my best, feel my best and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I needed to focus less on who is looking at me and who is around me but how being healthy and in shape makes me feel good on the inside. Other’s people compliments are an added perk.

It will be hard, (if you think it’ll be easy you’re lying to yourself or you’re a god) but realize nothing worth having in life comes easy. Write your goal on a big piece of paper and tape it to your refrigerator, bathroom mirror and the wall above your bed. When you feel like crying, when you dislike yourself and your body, when you’re depressed, when your emotions are up and down and when you’re craving that chocolate bar take a look at that sheet of paper and remember that you are strong and you can do this!

I’m going on this journey again and you might be too or just starting for the first time, but whatever weight loss round this is for you, have faith that this time is the charm.

If you’re going through a weight loss journey of your own, we’d love to hear your story, your success methods, and how you reconditioned your thinking for long-term success. Email us at info@wotv4women.com and follow us on Pinterest for diet and fitness tips.

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