Children’s Healing Center provides safe place to play for sick children

Children's Healing Center

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)-The country’s first year-round recreation center for children with weak immune systems opened its door in West Michigan. The Children’s Healing Center, located at 1530 East Fulton Street, will give children with cancer, autoimmune disorders and other medical issues a germ-free place to play in a safe germ-free environment. The rec center will be a game changer for families in West Michigan who need to take extra percussions due to germs. Germs for a child with a weakened immune system can be detrimental for a child who is sick. Jordan Carson had the opportunity to talk to a local family who will benefit from the facility.

The center has four zones, a play area complete with reading nooks, a fitness space for games, dance and other classes, a high tech area and an art and learning space.The Children’s Healing Center is in the public phase of raising $1.8 million for start-up and operational costs. Families will pay a monthly membership fee of $40 to use the center.

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