Your top 10 favorite Maranda stories of 2015

Top 10 Maranda Stories

(WOTV) — As we come to the end of another year, we’ve compiled the top 10 Maranda stories that you loved, based on the stories that received the most views on

Readers’ Choice

1. Photos: Maranda Park Party at Kollen Park

Kollen Park Park Party

More than 8,000 families enjoyed a day of free fun at the Maranda Park Party in Holland on July 16!

2. Photos: Maranda Park Party at Berlin Raceway

Berlin Raceway

It was a beautiful day for a fun filled Maranda Park Party with dozens of families at the Berlin Raceway in 2015.

3. Photos: Maranda Park Party in Wyoming 

Wyoming Park Party

Maranda kicked off the 21st year of Park Parties at Lamar Park in Wyoming on Thursday with over 6,000 people in attendance.

4. Photos: Maranda Park Party in Muskegon 

Muskegon Park Party

It was a beautiful day for the Maranda Park Party at Smith-Ryerson Park in Muskegon in 2015.

5. 25 Things About Maranda 


WOTV 4 Women viewers and readers had the opportunity to learn more about the host of “Maranda Where You Live.”

6. Birthday boy encourages people to be kind

Be Kind Boy

This young boy named Colin was flooded with birthday wishes and wanted to pass it on.

7. Get ready for Maranda Park Parties 

park-party-logo-for-webFamilies from across West Michigan were excited to start a new summer of Maranda Park Parties!

8. Photos: Maranda’s Beautiful U event

Beautiful U

9. Flick’s Family Film Festival returns for spring

Flick's Family Film Festival

Parents were excited to learn what new films they could watch with their kids in April.

10. Eleven year old reaching new speeds in sprint car 

Racing kid

In this story, readers learned about Andrew, a young boy that started racing BMX bikes at five and is now winning against adults in sprint car racing.

Were there other Maranda stories you loved in 2015? Share them on Maranda’s Facebook page. 

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