3 must-have items for stress-free holiday travel with kids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- If you’re packing up the family and hitting the road this holiday season you know it can be a wild ride!  With kids in tow your vehicle will be packed to the ceiling and keeping everyone happy for a few hours isn’t easy.  Here’s a few ideas to keep the kids busy and the car organized while en route to your holiday destination.  Plus you can click on the video player above for more tips and ideas!

Holiday travel with kids without going crazy

Pack smart!

The key to packing smart is asking your kids to get involved.  There is nothing worse than getting to your holiday destination (i.e. Grandma’s house) and having your toddler melt down because you packed the blue blankie instead of the red one and you’re 200 miles from home.  Solve the problem by letting them help.

Give them an early gift to get them excited; a new suitcase is a perfect item to get them pumped.  I love these animal suitcases from Lassig and they come in a variety of designs like an elephant, turtle, birdie, tiger, giraffe and rhino.  The Wildlife Trolley Suitcase is fun for kids to pack their toys and wheel around just like the grown-ups.  By letting your child chose which toys and books they want to bring you’re actually empowering them and teaching them valuable life skills.  Be sure to check their work and sneak in any last minute items you know are a must.


Pictured: WIldlife Rolling Suitcase Credit: Lassig

Stay organized!

I like to think ahead about what I can do to make the car ride easy.  The worst is trying to turn around every five minutes to hand the kids something like a toy, drink, book etc.  Here’s an easy solution! The 4Kids Backseat Car Organizer by Lassig is really cool.  You can load up the pockets and compartments with toys, games, books, snacks, electronics and more.  The best part is your toddler can reach the organizer and grab what they need when they need it.  I also love that there aren’t toys and snacks all over the floor.

Pictured: Lassig Car Wrap Credit: Lassig

Keep kids busy with games

Avoid the “are we there yets” with some great planning.  Stock up on a few new books or games and keep them hidden until it’s time to go.  Something new is will keep your child’s attention way more than any old book or toy.  I really love this magnetic game for the car!  The Mini Monster Magnetic Game comes in a sturdy metal box with four different background scenes and over 100 magnets to create fun monster combinations.  It’s great because it’s hard to “lose pieces” since they stick right to the box and your child will stay busy and entertained for hours.

mini monsters game
Pictured: Mini Mosters Game Credit: HABA

Stay on track with a packing checklist

It may sound “Type A” but I love to create a running checklist of things to pack/bring when we head out of town.  Make the list and check it twice to avoid any mishaps later.  From medicine to phone chargers and turning the thermostat down I try to add everything I can think of.  Then I take that list and pack it so when it’s time to go home I can look and make sure we don’t leave anything behind.

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