3 ways to survive the holiday party with tiny toddlers

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)-  Taking your tiny toddler to a holiday party is full of ups and downs.  You get them dressed up in a cute new outfit and all decked out for everyone to ooh and ahh over.  Once they arrive it’s a whole different story!  You find yourself following them down a trail of terror, pulling bulbs of the Christmas tree, grabbing glasses of wine off the table and trying to rip open presents from under the tree.

Instead of relaxing with a Christmas cocktail and catching up with your cousins you’ve got sweat running down your back and your attitude is turning more naughty than nice.  Take a breath and try these tips for a relaxing party with friends and family this holiday season.

Tips for a memorable holiday party with kids

Rotate with your spouse or a relative for baby watch.  This will give you much needed break from a busy toddler.  Use this time to catch up with friends or relatives, grab a bite to eat and take a breath.

holiday party safety 2 12315

Find a safe spot for your baby to play during the party.  Maybe bring along a pack and play or block off a small corner of the living room and stock it with toys from home.

holiday party safety 3 12315

Ask the hostess if it’s ok to remove any hazards like burning candles, glass decorations or drink glasses that are in easy to reach places.  These things are sure to tempt your toddler and remove them with save you from running around like crazy.

holiday party safety 12315

Remember relax and have fun!  Happy Holidays!

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