Talsma Furniture’s top tips for holiday decorating

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Decorating for the holidays is an exciting and creative process. These days, many people are choosing to break from the traditional styles and colors of the season and are choosing metallics to add glamour to their holiday decorating schemes. Mixing silver and gold, matte and shiny, anything goes when capturing the spirit of friends, family and fun. As an added bonus, metallics often integrate seamlessly with existing décor. Metallic fabrics are also a great way to add some shimmer to your holiday decorations. Today’s metallic fabrics are not only soft, they are also durable and available in range of colors, from gold and silver to an entire palette of traditional colors with a hint of metallic sheen.

Create a perfectly festive mantel:

No time to decorate? Dress your mantel in a flash with a statement-making wreath. To create a perfect mantel for the holidays start by taking down your everyday mantel decorations including any framed prints. Outfit your mantel with a variety of objects that feature a common denominator. Add favorite ornaments or candles for a warm glow to complete the look. Have a wide assortment of pieces to display? Arrange them in a symmetrical pattern for an organized-not cluttered- look.


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