Tribute to West Michigan women

YWCA Tribute Award winners Andrea Haidle and Hayley Lee
YWCA Tribute Award winners Andrea Haidle (middle) and Hayley Lee (right)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Since 1977, more than 175 women have been honored by the YWCA’s annual Tribute Awards. This year’s winners represent a distinguished group of leaders and trailblazers. Two of them are:

Hayley Lee
Student Honoree, YWCA Tribute Awards

Haylee Lee is a senior at Wyoming High School. With what she called an average high school career, Lee decided to take control of her education. She dual enrolled at Kent Innovation High and the Kent Career Tech Center’s criminal justice program. She is also active in the SkillsUSA program, Principal’s Leadership Team, tutoring, Grand Rapids Police Department Explorer Program, and is a member of the Wyoming High School National Honor Society. She interns at the 63rd District Court and works a part-time job.

Andrea Haidle
Community Service Recipient, YWCA Tribute Awards

Andrea Haidle is School Board Secretary for the Kent Intermediate School District. She has served on school boards for 22 years in West Michigan and is a staunch advocate for students. With Kent ISD, Haidle navigated tough budget decisions and helped establish the Kent Innovation High laboratory school and the MySchool@Kent and SuccessLink online academies.

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