Keep kids entertained over Thanksgiving break

Kitchen music party

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) There’s a long weekend ahead and many kids will be feeling cabin fever before it’s over. If you have little ones at home and don’t want to brave the crowds at the stores, check out this list of ideas to have fun this Thanksgiving weekend.

Build a fort – transform the living room, their bedroom, the dining room – any room into a magical place with blankets, cushions, chairs, and whatever you can find.

Have a dance party – get the kids up and moving by blasting some tunes and having a dance party right in your living room!

Bake together – let the kids pick a recipe and have fun in the kitchen together. Bonus if you bundle up and deliver the goodies to your neighbors!

Decorate for Christmas – get out the decorations and have the kids help you deck the halls!

Clean up the yard – if there’s no snow on the ground, tackle some simple projects around the yard like pruning plants and raking leaves.

Gather donation items – clear out some clutter and have the kids pick items they no longer play with to give to charity.

Volunteer – teach the real meaning of Thanksgiving by getting the kids involved in some community work. Find some ideas here.

Make gifts – get started on some special homemade gifts that are great for Grandma and Grandpa or teachers! Oasis Day Camp has some great ideas here.

Creative coloring – take coloring to a whole new level with these fun ideas (great for older kids!) from U.S. News & World Report.

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