5 ways to soothe a baby’s cold symptoms

Baby with nasal vacuum

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — It’s cold and flu season and as a parent there is nothing worse than seeing your child feeling miserable.  The constant runny noses, the deep chest cough, the droopy tired eyes and the fussy crying are the worst.  You look at your baby and want to help but what can you do when they are so little?  Here’s five tricks to try.

5 ways to soothe cold symptoms

Use a humidifier

vaporizer steam machine generic 112415

There are many choices when it comes to a humidifier including cold vs. warm.  The warm air humidifier is great because it uses heat to convert the water into steam.  Because of that heat, germs can be eliminated in the air.  A warm air humidifier/vaporizer should be used with caution and placed safely out of baby’s reach because you wouldn’t want them to get burned.  The white noise from the machine also helps baby sleep.

Prop up the Crib Mattress

Newborn Baby In Cot

Because you want to practice safe sleep with your baby you’d never want to put a pillow or anything like it inside the crib to elevate your baby.  However you can try propping the mattress up from underneath (between the springs and mattress).  This allows baby’s head and shoulders to be slightly elevated.  I find this helps ease night coughing.

Baby Vicks Vapor Rub

Closeup of male hand using finger rubbing white gel

I’m a big advocate for Vicks when anyone in my family has a cold.  I’ve heard the trick to rub your baby’s feet in Vicks and then put socks on them while the sleep.  This particular trick hasn’t worked for my kids, but what I do is rub some “Baby Vicks” on their onsie or undershirt in the chest area.  Breathing in those vapors while they sleep can really help them rest easy!

Saline Solution & Nasal Aspirator

Baby with nasal vacuum

Dr. Sears suggests during a cold to keep the mucus loose so it can be more easily coughed up.  Squirt an over-the-counter or homemade saltwater solution into your baby’s stuffed nasal passages and gently suck it out with a nasal aspirator.

Steamy Shower

Shower head with boiling water and steam in the bathroom

If your baby has croup or a bad cold try steaming up the bathroom and then standing in the bathroom and letting baby breathe in the steam to help ease their congestion.

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