Baby stages: first foods to try

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV) — I was so excited to share some great tips and advice for feeding baby with my friend and mommy-to-be Jordan Carson!  If you’re a new mom here’s how to introduce your baby to the world of real food once they are around five months old.  Click on the video player as I walk Jordan and new moms through the first stages of introducing food to your baby!

Stage 1: Choose a single grain cereal.  Once baby is a “supported sitter” they can start to try baby cereal like rice or oatmeal.

baby cereal

Stage 2: Start with soft foods that are easy to digest like sugar-free applesauce, bananas or avocados.

first baby foods

Stage 3: Blend up baby food like squash & pear, sweet corn, sweet potato and more!

baby food containers

Stage 4: Let baby sample new fruits with a mesh bag feeder.

mesh bag baby food feeder

Stage 5: Always have food ready for on the go!  Choose a jarred baby food or applesauce for convenience.

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