6 healthy power snacks to power shop on Black Friday

Peanut butter on rice cakes

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — Christmas songs on the radio and a snow-covered ground, means the holiday season is here! Get ready to kick off the season with a huge shopping weekend. If you’re hitting the mall you’ll likely spend a ton of time on your feet standing in line. 

Instead of turning to that salty or sugary soft pretzel at the mall, pack a healthy and energetic snack to power you through the biggest shopping day of the year!

6 healthy snack ideas to pack

1. Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter
Peanut butter on rice cakes

Enjoy this crunchy, sweet, and creamy snack full of potassium and enriching nutrients.  This snack will fill you up and keep you going.  Sandwich two rice cakes together with a layer of peanut butter and pop them into a baggie in your purse.

2. Citrus Fruits


This type of fruit is full of fiber and complex carbs.  Not only satisfying your sweet tooth, it will provide you with long-lasting energy.  Packing a whole orange or pre-peel it and pack it into a baggie.  You may want to also pack a wet wipe or napkin.

3. Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? The big crowds might have you feeling crazy, dark chocolate can help. It helps stimulate endorphins, which can help put you in a better more positive mood.

4. Low-Fat String Cheese

One of the healthiest cheeses and is low in calories and full of vitamins and calcium. String cheese can provide you with instant energy and protein that will help you stay full longer.  Eat this snack mid-morning when you start to burn out.  

5. Whole Almonds

Jam-packed with dietary fibers and protein. This whole food snack is one of the healthiest and tastiest snacks.

6. Bananas

Fruits are good for you, but bananas are one of the best.  This snack is one of the best potassium sources, giving you a load of energy.  it also travels well!

Enjoy a fun day shopping and scoring great deals around West Michigan.

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