Tricks to make Halloween fun not frightful for kids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- Make your toddlers first time trick or treating fun and memorable.  Thanks to their growing imaginations toddlers and preschoolers have a hard time separating fact from fantasy.  The Halloween ghosts and goblins can seem very real to them and it’s important to keep things fun and not frightful.

3 Tricks & tips to try

Tiny trick-or-treaters
Tiny trick-or-treaters

Tip 1: Talk to your kids about the spooky things they may see and hear.  Show them what’s hiding underneath those spooky masks.

Tip 2: Let them carry a flashlight to help with the fear of the dark.

Tip 3: Take them to friends, relatives and neighbors they know so they get to see familiar friendly faces who will supply age-appropriate treats.

Trunk or treat

If the classic evening trick or treating seems too spooky or like too much walking for little legs, then try a trunk or treat.  Many churches, organizations and schools host these fun functions.

Here’s a few photos of my kids trunk or treating.  It was fun to come up with a theme and decorate our vehicle.  We got to pass out candy and receive it!  We pulled our baby girl in the wagon and she loved it!  This is a great alternative until your kids get a little bit older.


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