Tips on decorating your bedroom

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) — Many times our bedrooms get the short end of the stick when it comes to design because we’re so focused on the more public rooms of the house that people see. Our bedroom us the place that we count on at the end of the day to bring us some rest and relaxations, so it should be a cozy and welcoming retreat. Here are some tips for creating a comfortable, functional and relaxing bedroom that looks great!

Define your decorating style. Bedrooms styles vary from casual to formal, neutral to colorful, and modern to traditional. Be sure to decide what look is yours before making purchases for your space. That way you can be confident that each piece you add will move your design in the right direction and the result will be exactly what you had envisioned.

Choose a bed that reflects the style that you’ve defined. The bed is the focal point of the bedroom and wills set the tone for everything to follow, so be sure to choose one that reflects your design and is the right size to suit your needs.

Do you have the right mattress and pillow? The right bed and a well- designed room are two elements that help create a relaxing space, but they won’t guarantee a good night’s sleep!

Choose bedding that compliments your style, then layer the bedding for a fuller, cozier look that also allows for flexibility when the temperatures fluctuate. Accent pillows finish off the bed by adding another layer of texture and possibly pattern and color, depending on your choices.

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