10 places that need to be baby-proofed

"This is fun!"

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV) —  When your baby becomes mobile it’s time to baby proof. There are lots of things a child can get into once they can crawl and being on the offensive is important.  You want to stop a problem before it becomes one.


If you have an older child, be aware of new dangers that you didn’t deal with the first time around.  My son and daughter are three years apart and his small pieces fit perfectly into her curious hands and tiny mouth.  It’s important to get down on their level and pay close attention to what may catch their eye.

One sweep of our home and I found an ant trap that was not hidden nearly well enough and within hands reach.  I also found plug covers removed and long forgotten about along with broken cabinet locks that weren’t replaced.

So where should you check first?  Where are the hot-spots for hidden dangers in your home?

10 places that need to be baby-proofed

1. The stairs

It’s important to put a baby gate in front of the stairs which seems obvious.  However it’s really important to choose the correct baby gate.  You’ll want one that physically gets screwed in the wall and locks tightly.   The gates that suction or expand to fit are not safe for a staircase because they can easily get moved if not placed correctly.

2. The outlets

Replace all outlet covers
Replace all outlet covers

Outlets are so interesting to babies.  Be sure to use plastic plug covers on all areas where they can reach.  If you have an older child be sure to seek out plug covers that may be missing and replace.

3. Kitchen cabinets

Old broken cabinet locks
Old broken cabinet locks

Purchase a package of cabinet baby locks.  While they may be annoying for you and your spouse, this safe guard is important because baby’s love to open cabinets.  They could easily get into poison under the sink, break a glass dish ect.

4. The wine rack

Many wine racks sit on the ground displaying your favorite reds or whites.  It’s time to move them up and out of reach.  Wine, broken glass and babies just don’t go together.

5. The paper-shredded

I’ll never forget the time my son crawled over to the paper-shredder at someone’s house.  It was plugged in and he almost stuck his hand inside.  Move the shredder and keep it “off”.

6. An older child’s room

Easton's small toys stay in his room
Easton’s small toys stay in his room

If you have an older child they probably have lots of toys that aren’t age-appropriate for baby.  Keep those toys tucked safely away in their room and the door shut when baby is on the move.  If your child has small game pieces ect. keep them in tubs with lids on higher shelves until you get through the baby stage.

7. The changing table

Once your baby starts to crawl they also start to get squirmy during changing time.  Never leave your child unattended on the changing table.  Also remove hanging artwork above the changing table as your baby may start reaching for things they can pull down on top of themselves and get hurt.

8. Remove temporary dangers

After each project or task look around and see what’s left out.  A pair of scissors on the table or a bucket of cleaning water has to be put away, right away every time.   It’s easy to get side tracked doing a million mommy tasks and forget so keep it top of mind and pick up after each activity.

9. The bathroom

There are plenty of dangers in the bathroom.  Get a lock for the toilet bowl lid, add cabinet locks and keep it clean!

10. The fireplace

Problem solved with a baby gate
Problem solved with a baby gate


Block off your fireplace so baby doesn’t get hurt.  I don’t know what it is but fireplaces are a magnet for babies!  Make sure they can’t open the doors and that the ledge isn’t sharp where they could get hurt climbing and crawling.




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