Save the mess during winter: Mudroom tips and tricks

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – With fall comes gear: jackets, rain boots, hats, book bags, etc., and when they come off, we need a place to put them.  So here are some things to consider when planning your mudroom.

Plan ahead and pick what’s best for you: A mudroom can be highly functional, or it can be a dumping ground if it’s not outfitted properly.  To make it functional, hold a family meeting to figure out how you want the space to function for your needs.  As budget, space and time allows, take advantage of mudroom ideas below that will make your space efficient, effective and satisfying!

Dura supreme

A Transition Space will help keep the gear and clutter away from the main living areas of your home.  The floor should be non-skid if possible.  You can protect the walls with wainscoting painted in a washable paint. Much easier to maintain than a dry walled surface. You can make an area rug the “go no further zone” for gear to keep the dirt and clutter where it belongs.

A Place to sit is a must.  It can be a stand-alone bench or built-in.


Ample Storage Space is one of the main reasons for having a mudroom in the first place.  Cabinets, lockers, cubbies, baskets and storage benches are all tools to help store coats, hats, umbrellas, boots and sports gear. They also keep the floor space clear to avoid tripping hazards.

Plenty of hooks for coats might seem too obvious, but they will certainly help keep your space organized.  Make sure they’re at the right height for each user; hooks can be relocated as the kids grow.

A Recharging Station is a great option for the “hooked up family.” Enough electrical outlets and a small counter top will make this effective space.  Plus, it will keep all the gizmos off the kitchen counter top – which you can probably put to better use anyways!

A Mirror is great to have in a mudroom as it can be your last checkpoint before leaving your house.

Key Drop and Message Centers are great household organizers.  The mudroom is probably the first place you see when entering your home and last place before you leave so it’s a great place to help keep your family organized.

generic mudroom

Other things to consider, depending on the location and size of your mudroom are access to the garage and outdoors; a privacy door to keep the clutter hidden; storage for cleaning or laundry supplies; space for hanging clothes to dry; a faucet and drain; recycling center in the mudroom rather than the kitchen.

Mudrooms are really about storage and transition – a place to put things that otherwise spread into several areas of your home (think clutter and things getting lost!) and a way to transition to the outside.  Be bold; be brave because this is 4 you and your family.  We’d love to have you share your ideas on our Facebook page!

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