Help a victim of domestic abuse by donating your old cell phone

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Domestic violence affects more than 10 million women, children and men in the United States every year.  That means that 20 people per minute are victims of intimate partner violence in this country.  There is a real need for services for the victims, who often are low income individuals and cannot afford to pay for the services they need for themselves and their children.  There are now many phone apps that provide a quick way to reach help when someone is in a dangerous situation, but what if you cannot afford a cell phone?  Hopeline, from Verizon, has stepped up since 1995 by providing phones to domestic violence victims.  Since 2001 they have provided more than 180,000 cell phones, batteries and accessories by collecting used cell phones and refurbishing them for use in this program as well as selling them and donating the proceeds to local domestic violence shelters. The phones come with 3000 anytime minutes and text messaging.

If you want to be a part of helping Verizon with Project Hopeline, bring your old cell phone, battery and accessories to a Verizon store and drop them in the collection bin.  They also have postage paid mailing labels available from  The YWCA (25 Sheldon Blvd. SE, Grand Rapids) and Safe Haven Ministries (3501 Lake Eastbrook Blvd. SE, Grand Rapids) also collect and recycle used cell phones by selling them to be refurbished and using the proceeds to help fund their programs to help victims of domestic violence.  By recycling your phone and accessories you are helping to generate funds that they in turn donate to local shelters through cash grants to help fund needed resources for victims and to help those in recovery as well as preventative programs.


If you need a cell phone and are a victim of domestic violence contact local domestic violence shelters (Safe Haven 616-452-6664, YWCA  616-459-4652), and inquire about getting a cell phone.

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