Save money on kids clothing this season

mother with baby chooses wear at clothes shop

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — Swapping out your kids clothing every season can get expensive! There are some ways to cut a few corners and save a few dollars if you’re a savvy mom (or dad). Here’s some money saving secrets.

Start a clothing swap

Laundry basket of kids clothes generic 091015

If you’ve got friends or siblings with kids see if you can start a clothing swap. Many parents have tubs and tubs of kids clothing stacked to the ceiling of their basement just looking for a good home.  Try setting up a swap with a group of friends where you exchange your gently used baby clothes with each other.

Hit up a mom-to-mom sale

mother with baby chooses wear at clothes shop

Mom-to-mom sales are a great way find super cute kids clothes for a fraction of the price. The important thing to remember is shop early to find the cutest items in the size and season you are looking for.  West Michigan hosts a variety a mom sales in the Fall and Spring.  The West Michigan Mom’s Sale at DeVos Place is scheduled for Saturday Sept. 12.

Discount Retailers

Mother shopping for childrens clothes generic 091015

Try shopping at discounting retailer like Once Upon a Child or Goodwill for great deals. At Once Upon a Child the clothes are often name brand, sometimes with tags still attached. You can find everything from shoes, to coats, Halloween costumes and more!

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