How to ease back to school jitters

Young girl and dad at school

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Having a successful transition back to school is all about being prepared and forming relationships. That’s according to the superintendent of the Kent Intermediate School District.

To ease back to school jitters, take advantage of school open houses. These are a great opportunity for kids to get a tour, find their classroom and locker, and perhaps meet the teacher. If your school doesn’t have a specific open house, ask to take a tour. You can even do it in the spring while school is still in session. For younger kids, take them to play on the school playground during the summer. If your child will walk to school, walk the route with them to make it familiar.

To handle the transition to a different grade, parents should get acquainted with school staff. Sign up for e-mail updates or newsletters to stay informed with school communications. If something comes up, don’t be afraid to bring your concerns to the teacher.


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