Dealing with back-to-school anxiety

Frowning girl with stacks of books

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Getting kids ready to head back to school includes preparing them psychologically. Dr. Greg Mallis from Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services says there are some things parents can do right now to help with the transition.

Before School Starts

  • Be sure kids are in good physical and mental health
  • Review all school information
  • Mark your calendar for the start date
  • Take kids to get school supplies
  • Re-establish bedtime routines a week early

The First Week

  • Make time in your schedule for your kids
  • Review first day with kids
  • Review kids school books/homework
  • Try to connect with teacher/school professionals
  • Create an afternoon routine for meals and homework

Dr. Mallis says the best way to deal with a child’s back-to-school anxiety is to validate his or her feelings. Instead of telling your child there’s nothing to worry about, listen to him or her, be proactive, talk about what you can do to help improve their school experience, and give them space.

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