5 ways parents can find alone time

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- As a parent of two little kids, ages three and 10 months, I’m here to tell you finding alone time with my husband is far and few between.   We spent this weekend reminiscing about all of the fun places we used to go pre-kids for nice dinners or all of those happy hours we enjoyed.

Sure we could hire a babysitter and have a night on the town but at $10 an hour, plus ordering the sitter and kids pizza ect. and our own night out, the bill at the end of the night can get pretty steep.  It’s more like a splurge than a regular weekend thing, if you know what I mean!

So what’s a couple craving some adult time to do?  I’ve been asking my parent friends on Facebook and checking out what other moms and dads on the web have to say.  I’ve found a few ideas that I think are share-worthy.  Hope you enjoy your new-found adult time with these easy ideas.

1.) At Home Movie Night

Plan a movie night

Get the kids in bed early and plan an at home movie night with your sweetie.  Pull out all the stops.  Pick your favorite flick, order your favorite takeout, set up the TV trays and of course get the cocktails chilling.   Cuddle up and enjoy a night in together.  We love to do this and we always vow to “stay up late” (though I’m often nudging my husband to stay awake the last half-hour of the movie).

2.) Start a Date Night Kid Swap

kid swap sleepover generic 081715

Can’t afford a babysitter AND a date night?  Try setting up a system with friends or family members who have kids.  Once a month you take their kids for a night so they get a free night out and then on another night they take your kids.  This is a great time for the kids to have a play date and everyone wins! Here’s some date night ideas right here in West Michigan.

3.) Spice Up Your Mornings

couple in bed generic 081715

Let’s face it.  Finding the energy at the end of the day for anything is nearly impossible with kids, especially if they’re young and require lots of your time and attention.  By the end of the day you’re pooped.  You and your spouse probably had the best of intentions to make some “alone time” before bed but reality always gets in the way.  Try setting the alarm a little early before the kids get up and start your day off on a romantic note.

 4.) Take a Walk Together

couple walking dog generic 081715

Depending on the age of your kids, this could potentially be a good way to find a quick 15-20 minutes alone.  If your kids are old enough to be home alone for brief amounts of time, grab your partner (and maybe the dog) and hit the road for a quick walk around the neighborhood.  It’s a great time to be disconnected from your phone and email and chat about your day without all of the interruptions.

5.)  Plan Something to Look Forward to

couple enjoying concert generic 081715

It’s important to continue to do some of the things you enjoyed together as a couple before kids.   Plan something big every few months that you can look forward to.  Perhaps a concert when your favorite band comes to town, get tickets to a particular festival that you love or maybe a trip to the casino ect.  Whatever it is, take the time to plan the event together and talk about the fun you plan to have.



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