7 Tips to save money back-to-school shopping

back to school supplies

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Back to school shopping can get EXPENSIVE. The lists are long and you want to make every child happy with the latest items. Here are 7 tips to help curb the expense of back to school shopping:

Stick to the list: Don’t let extra items get thrown into your cart as you cruise down the shopping aisles. By sticking to your guns, your eyes won’t fall out of your head when you see the final total.

Dig into your surplus: Chances are, you have extra supplies in your home. Whether you bought too much last year or there was a great sale on something, you probably have a few extra items laying around.

Make some extra cash: Do you have items that your kids have barely used or worn? Try selling those items on Craigslist or Plato’s Closet. Make some money for new supplies!

Host a back to school swap: Get some moms together and host a swap with the theme “back to school”. Snag some new gear and get rid of things that you have no use for.

Track the sales: Almost every big store has back to school sales. So check the ads. One store may have notebooks on sale this week, while another has a discount on art supplies.

Go digital: For your college student, save money by buying textbooks online. Although it may not always be ideal, you can save a bundle by buying or renting textbooks digitally.

Spend money when necessary: When it comes to something like a backpack, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra. Cheap backpacks seem like a good idea, except when you have to replace them two or three times a year. So don’t be afraid to spring for a nicer quality item.


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