Pumping at work: Tips, tricks, and advice from moms like you

Mother with baby

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) — Diving back into the workplace after maternity leave can be difficult enough. There’s certain challenges that come with finding daycare, leaving your newborn baby, and the overall stress of real life. Pumping brings on a whole new set of challenges. It takes time out of your day, can be disruptive, and constantly in the back of your head. Here are five tips for breast pumping at work:

Spring for the good stuff

No seriously, pick a quality pump. The manual pumps seem appealing with the affordable price range, but splurging for the double, electric pump will make your day-to-day life so much easier, which is what every busy mom needs. It will save tons of time, improve your comfort level, and can travel a lot easier.

Our picks:

Featured on the left, Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump – Carry All. 4 stars and $150 on Amazon.com. Featured on the right, NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump. 4 stars and $96 on Amazon.com

Get creative with timing

Some people spend work travelling all over town, while others spend their days in back to back meetings with clients. You’ll have to try and create a routine that works for you.

“Try pumping in the morning while doing your makeup. Being able to multitask is a huge plus!” Christa F.

Although life is full of unexpected surprises, try to keep your routine as simple as possible (in the morning, before lunch, right after your 4 pm meeting, etc.). If you can, make extra bottles at night, wash and sterilize the equipment, and pack it all up so you’ll be good to go when you wake up.

Expect a few less than graceful moments

I hate to break the news, but embarrassing scenarios can and probably will happen.Take them with humor and remember that you’re doing everything for your little bundle of love at home!

Learn and grow

Do your own research. As a new mom, you’ll have advice coming from all different directions. Although it’s great to have support from other moms, make sure to learn things yourself through research. It may seem overwhelming at times, but you can do this!

“You’ll hit a few obstacles along the way, it’s definitely a trial and error time in your life.” Carly M.

Look into other options

There are more affordable options that you may not be aware of for breast pumps. You can rent one from your hospital or look into a service that provides free ones to people with certain healthcare. The challenges of budgeting after a baby are monumental, but looking into options that seem out of the box can save you hundreds of dollars.

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