Carrie Underwood car drama: What to do if kids get locked in a car

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood/Photo:

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — It’s a moment every mom fears- your child accidentally getting locked inside a car. Carrie Underwood recently dealt with this drama when her dogs managed to lock themselves and the 4-month-old baby inside on a warm day.

Underwood’s brother-in-law busted out the window allowing them to unlock the doors and rescue the baby and dogs before the car got too hot, but it’s a good time for all parent’s to have a “what would you do” moment.

Here’s some advice from experts on what to do if you find yourself on the outside looking in at a child or pet trapped inside a vehicle.

4 steps to help kids/pets trapped in car

1. Stay Calm.   You know when kids get upset they get even hotter.  So seeing you panic may cause your child to cry, struggle in their car seat ect. and raise their body temperature even more. Sing silly songs, talk calmly to them and do whatever it takes to keep them settled until help arrives.

2. Note the time and Call 9-1-1.  This is important so you know exactly how long the child has been inside when help arrives.  Don’t waste a precious second trying to get them out yourself. Call for help and then do what you can to free them until help arrives.

3. Break the window if needed, but be careful which window you choose so you don’t injure the child/pet inside.

4. Cover the windows.   If someone is nearby to help see if they have a blanket, tarp or coats to cover the windows. This will help keep the car cool until help arrives.

Prevention Tips

If you haven’t been in this situation help prevent it from happening.  Some ideas include:

1. Store a spare key.  Put an extra key in your wallet or someplace accessible.

2. Keep your purse/phone/wallet in the backseat so you always have to turn to get it. This could be a crucial step to remembering your kiddo or pet is in the vehicle.

3. Put a stuffed animal in the passenger seat. Seeing a fluffy bright-colored toy before you exit the car will remind you that you have precious cargo in the back.


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