How to dress to impress in the courtroom

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV)-When you are involved in family law matters and are appearing in court, meeting with the friend of the court, attending mediation, depositions or a settlement conference be sure to dress up and look good.

When dealing with court officers, lawyers and the various other people that will be involved in deciding what happens in divorce, custody and other family law cases you need to appear confident, competent and with a great self-esteem.  You cannot afford to appear depressed, antagonistic or inferior and putting on a great looking outfit and spiffing up your hair and makeup (not too much makeup) will make you feel great and boost your self-esteem so you make a good impression.

Justice is shown blindfolded and holding her scales because appearances can and do influence the opinion of judges, juries and everyone else involved in your case. Attractively attired and well groomed, you are seen as more credible, competent and appealing.  A crisp or soft white blouse and suit will suggest that you are someone who works for a living (yes, moms work) and put you firmly in the ranks of the local community.  However, a short skirt and low cut blouse with spike heels sends a message that you may just be a ‘party girl’ who is not very responsible.  When the custody of your children is at stake it pays to carefully consider your appearance.

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