Quick and easy ideas for seasonal baby food

A variety of baby foods in easy to use small ziplock containers

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV) — Making your own baby food is quick and easy!  I’ve tackled the baby food making task with both kids and am currently whipping up all sorts of seasonal eats for my 9-month-old daughter.  There are plenty of ways to make the baby food but my sister lent me her Baby Breeza and I love it. It steams and purees all in one which makes it super easy. I’ve also used a combination of Ziploc® steamer bags and my food processor but the Baby Breeza is really quick and easy for a busy mom.

Here are some great ideas for seasonal baby foods for your baby to try!

baby food generic
Fresh peaches & sweet corn


Summertime favorites: Peaches & Sweet Corn

This season we’re doing a ton of peaches and a ton of sweet corn!  Simply steam your fruit or veggie and thin to the desired consistency with water until smooth.

Must try: Berry-Banana

Stock up on summertime berries and blend with banana’s for a flavorful favorite.  I avoid raspberries and blackberries because of the seeds, but strawberry/banana or blueberry/banana are great.  I don’t make these in advance because the banana will brown.

Packed with protein: Sweet Potato & Black Bean

A new combo that is delicious is sweet potato and black bean.  We liked this so much my husband and I thought it may be good with our own dinner!  It can be a little bit thick so more water may be necessary and always serve it warm.

Go Green: Sweet peas

(Left to right) peas, pears, carrots, squash
(Left to right) peas, pears, carrots, squash

I think one of the most overlooked fresh baby food ideas for baby is sweet peas!  Buy them frozen and steam and puree.  The bright green color is really fresh and has a bit of texture. It’s great for a second stage baby food.  I think it’s a great way to get baby eating fresh green veggies early!

Super squash blend: Butternut squash & apple

I wanted our daughter to get more veggies so I blended butternut squash and sliced apples for a great combination.  She gobbles up this great veggie/fruit combo.

Expert Tip:

When packaging fresh baby food I recommend using small Ziploc® containers and freezing most of it. I only get it out as needed because I hate to see my hard work go to waste after a few days in the fridge.  I only keep the baby food for 4-5 days before throwing it out. Happy blending!


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