What’s appropriate summer attire for work?

Multi-ethnic women jumping

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – It is always important to look professional and appropriate in the workplace, even during the summer months! Professional Fashion Stylist Trish Eigenbrode joins us with the fashion do’s & don’ts of summertime work attire!

Tips for summer dressing:

If wearing open toe shoes or slingbacks, get a pedicure!
If you’re going sleeveless, shave/wax your underarms.

No flip flops or open toe sandals (unless in creative type of industry). Fashion for instance! Always check company policy.
No short skirts/dresses. 2″ above knee or longer is appropriate.
No sheer fabrics.
No spaghetti straps, halter tops or tank tops.
No capri’s. It’s not a backyard BBQ.

Wear skin tone undergarments because summer fabrics are lighter. No bra straps showing. If you can’t wear a regular bra without your bra showing somewhere, put the garment back in your closet.
Dressing for your career is important, no matter the temperature outside.
Just because your company may have a summer dress code, you still need to be polished & professional. Ask yourself the question, if the CEO of the company were to call me into a meeting, am I dressed appropriately?

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