7 Steps to an Organized Shed

Construction of a wooden hut

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)  Get your outdoor spaces looking great.  Rick Woods, Professional Organizer from The Functional Organizer gave us ‘7 Steps to an Organized Shed’.

7 Steps to an Organized Shed

1. Empty ALL the contents of your shed onto your lawn. Be sure
“no rain” is in the forecast.

2. Sort items onto lawn by category/zone (lawn chemicals, lawn tools, lawn games).

3. Purge broken and unwanted items you may want to give to a friend, donate, sell, discard or recycle.

4. When assigning new zones inside your shed, consider maximizing vertical space for “hanging” lighter items. Floor space is best used along the sides for heavier machinery like a snow blower or lawn mower. Keep middle of shed as empty as possible.

5. Keep related items close to one another. Ask, how would I use this in relationship with other similar items? If you rake the lawn after you mow the lawn, then the rakes and lawn bags should be near the mower.

6. Use “J” and “U” shaped screw-in organizers and “L” brackets to maximize your wall space on studs. Another option, which is a little more costly, is a track system, which allows you the freedom to reposition items along the track without the studs getting in the way.

7. The bi-annual maintenance plan. Spruce up your space and take a half hour to do a quick scan of your items in the Spring and the Fall to be sure everything is hanging in it’s proper location. Did your neighbor borrow your spreader last month? If so, now is the time to ask for it back, so you’ll have it in place when you need to use it again.


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