Intern blog: Behind the scenes at Berlin Raceway

The Where You Live crew and Maranda on a shoot at Berlin Raceway
The Where You Live crew and Maranda on a shoot at Berlin Raceway

MARNE, Mich. (WOTV) Hello! My name is Elena McKendrick, and this summer I have the amazing opportunity to intern at Wood TV8. Interns here get the chance to learn from so many people in any unique department, and I am lucky enough to work in the wonderful world of production. As a production intern, I work with and learn from robotics operators, floor directors, producers, and more. But it wasn’t until recently that I was able to get out of the studio and work in the field with Maranda Where You Live!

Elena McKendrick
Elena McKendrick

Last week I took advantage of the opportunity to go to Berlin Raceway and help shoot an episode of Maranda Where You Live. The first thing to do: meet the crew! In the Marandamobile I got to know cameraman Mike, producer Amanda, and the talent, Maranda. I was pretty nervous at first, but on our way to Berlin Raceway, they told me what to expect and put me at ease. We went over the rundown, brainstormed some lines, and searched for a meaningful Final Thought. After a short drive, we reached our destination.

At the raceway we met up with the owners and some very talented drivers, then it was time to get to work. There’s a lot of work to do in order to shoot what you see on screen, so it’s a good thing we had such a talented and enthusiastic crew. Mike would find great shots and record Maranda as she introduced topics and interviewed guests. As the producer, Amanda ran the show; she would tell us what to shoot next, time the recordings, and keep everything organized and under control. At first I wasn’t sure how I could help, but thankfully Maranda smiled and gave me a bit of a push when she said, “That seems like a good job for an intern,” so I began to step up. I carried the handheld camera, put microphones on the guests, set up the tripod, and made myself available to anyone who needed me. I even got to record some shots of her as she raced the owner of Berlin Raceway!

What stuck out to me the most, out of everything in the whole experience, was how happy the people at Berlin Raceway were to see Maranda! It’s obvious that she has great charisma on screen, but to see that in action, even when the cameras weren’t rolling, was amazing. She sincerely expressed how much she cared for them and their business, and you could tell they felt the same way towards her. I had a lot of fun, and learned so much during my first experience with Maranda Where You Live. I can’t wait to do it again!


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