The hidden hazard of car seats

Mother buckling baby in car seat

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — According to a report released by the Ecology Center, dangerous chemicals have been found in nearly three-quarters of all children’s car seats.

The Ecology Center in Ann Arbor tested car seats from 15 companies, and found 73 percent of the car seats tested contained dangerous levels of flame-retardants, lead and other chemicals. The chemicals can be absorbed through the skin or by kids chewing on them.

According to the study, car seats from Britax and Clek have the lowest amounts of chemicals. While seats from Baby Trend and Graco had the highest amount of chemicals detected.

This is the fifth study by the Ecology Center identifying chemical hazards, and the nonprofit is now pushing for policies that will reduce hazards in products while still meeting all safe hazards.



Report: Hidden Passengers, Chemical Hazards in Children’s Car Seats

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